Personal loan

business bank account

Opening a business bank account when starting a new business

Your business needs to be real and legitimate with accountable money transactions. Opening a business bank account will help in tracking of your business finances. It separates your personal and business finances, thus the right option when receiving and sending…

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What is a personal car loan?

Are you planning to buy a car soon? Know that you can use a personal car loan to finance your project. It is a credit formula like any other except that it has its specificities. Details on this subject. What…

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What is a loan for renovation ?

With the personal loan for work, you can finance the work on your home with complete confidence and guarantee. It’s a current loan that can help you carry out a quick and constant renovation. Find in this guide everything about…

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How to finance a personal project?

Lack of money is a major hindrance to the realization of a project. Are you looking for a solution to finance your personal project? Different solutions are possible. But, the first thing to do is to budget the project. Then,…

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