HSBC Student Banking – A to Z of Student Banking HSBC

HSBC Student Banking :

As a world larger and better financial service HSBC is offering Student Banking Service for the facilities of Poor student. For opening a student account some things are related or conditional that have to positively follow if any student want to open an account for him. The following condition is given below :

  • 17 years of age or over?
  • Are you being a resident in the UK, Isle of Man or Channel  Islands or for at least the last 3 years?
  • Have any other account or not?
  • You have to confirm you do not hold a student account elsewhere.
  • You have to provide proof of your unconditional acceptance e.g. UCAS letter or letter from the university/college.

Before applying  for opening an account as a student you have to face this conditional situation. Student Bank Account of this bank is packed with some great benefits . The essential benefit of the student banking is followed :

  • Monthly fee is 0%.
  • Mobile banking  and Internet banking and  are free to access.
  • HSBC student card.
  • Instant £500 interest-free overdraft with account opening.
  • Interest paid on credit balances of up to £1,000 in your 1st year.
  • No overdraft setup fees
  • Facility of student Insurance.
  • Get access to great offers and discounts through our student Exclusives website.
  •  Overdraft limit alerts with HSBC cash machines
  • Mobile phone top-ups with HSBC cash machines

More information is available on or visit the Facebook  community for getting the information about student  banking.