HSBC Savings Account – Overview Features and Benefits

Open a new HSBC Savings Account :

Opening a savings account is the better plan for your regular expenses and future. With the help of HSBC savings account, you can solve your financial problem  when you will be going to make a big deal or purchase, also when you have to meet up unexpected expenses. Moreover, with the savings account you can earn interest for your unutlised saving money.

Features and Benefits of HSBC Savings Account:

Here is a list of benefits as well as features of the HSBC savings account:

1)    In order to get higher interest, you can transfer money from your saving account to a fixed deposit account.

2)    You will be eligible for the HSBC credit cards.

3)    Transfer your fund using card to card facilities.

4)    You can keep track of your account with monthly free E-statement both from online and the bank branches. (You must have Online banking accounts for online E-statement)

5)    Choose a mutual funds products or life insurance products and buy anything you want to get from the bank.

6)    Pay bills, manage accounts, transaction amount is now a handy matter through saving account.

HSBC Savings Account

Types of HSBC Savings Account:

There are 11 types of HSBC savings account available for you. You can choose your specific and suitable one then go to your selected account. For your help, below the list of of HSBC saving accounts are mentioned:

1)    Cash e-ISA: This is one of the flexible and tax free online free savings account where the interest rate is up to 1.70%. You can access it instantly and open an account for only £1.

2)    Regular Saver: This is a fixed rate interest base account which interest is up to 6%. You can open it in £25 for the fixed term for 12 months.

3)    Online Bonus Saver: From this you can make bonus interest without withdrawal of money. The interest rate is variable that is 0.75% for the balance of £ 50,000. There is no other charge and you can open it only for £1.

4)    Flexible Saver: This savings plan is for your holiday, rainy day and wedding. The interest rate is up to 0.10% where you can open an account in £1. There is no charge included.

5)    Variable Rate Cash ISA: This is also a flexible tax-free savings account, which interest rate goes from 1.60% to 2.15%.

6)    Fixed Rate Savings Bond: This another savings account to put your money to work, where you will get a great interest rate from 0.70% to 2.10%. You can open this account for £2,000.

7)    HSBC Premier Savings: It is one of the flexible and straight forward saving account that’s interest rate is 1.10% and you can open it in £1.

8)    Future Saver for children: This will give you the opportunity to save for your child’s future. The interest rate is 0.50%, which you can start in  £1.

9)    My Savings: This option is for straightforward growth of your money. The interest rate is from 0.50% to 3.00%, which you can open in £10.

10) Money Market: This is a flexible savings that will meet your needs. The interest rate is variable, which you can open for minimum balance £50,000.

11) International Personal savings account: This is an ideal account for those who funds to abroad regularly. The interest rate for this account is variable.


Necessary Requirements to open an HSBC Savings Account:

In order to create and HSBC Savings account you must need some following documents. So, if you want to open a saving account then make sure you have all following documents:

1)    The form that you have completed to open the account.

2)    One passport size photo that was signed by the other account holders.

3)    Proof of your individual identity such as: Passport, Government ID card, Driving license, Voter’s ID, Photo PAN card, Photo ration card, Defense ID card, NREGA Job Card or Adhar Card.

4)    Instead of the proof of your individual identity you can submit your residential identity with: Passport, Property tax bill, Electricity bill, Ration Card, Election/voter’s ID and some others.