HSBC Mortgage – A to Z of HSBC Mortgage UK

HSBC Mortgage :

HSBC is one of the reliable and largest financial bank, that leading their business throughout the world successfully. For the betterment of their customer, HSBC offers hassle-free and more advanced HSBC Mortgage. You can take HSBC mortgage easily and quickly if everything runs smoothly such as your credit records, your monthly earning, your solicitor’s disputes. Let’s have a check to the total overview of HSBC mortgage and the process of applying for a mortgage.

HSBC offers zero fees in the lower range of mortgage. That means you don’t need any completion fee, valuation fee and booking fee. All of these costs will be covered through a standard valuation. HSBC offers low interest rate and low deposit mortgage from where you can take maximum 90% loan from the bank. The maximum loan size should be £400,000. The range of amount for the mortgage depends on some specific requirements. Your monthly income is the main factor to the total loan amount. Moreover, your credit card history and loan statement will be checked before approving your application.


Types of HSBC Mortgage:

HSBC offers three types of mortgage to their customers. These are: Fixed rate mortgages, Tracker Mortgage and Discount Mortgage. Just choose your suitable mortgage types and solve your financial crisis. The more value/rate of your property has, the more you can enjoy facilities like low interest rate, the maximum time period.

In order to repay your mortgage loan you can choose from two repayment methods that suits you best.

1)    Capital Repayment method: In this method you can repay your loan along with the interest rate through monthly capital repayment. The major benefits of the capital repayment is that you can reduce the total outstanding balance every month, which will ensure you that your all mortgage loan are fully paid at the end of the mortgage period. You can choose your capital repayment period for maximum 30 years.

2)    Interest Only method: This is an interest only option, where the repayment process covers  only the interest. The outstanding borrowed money will remain standstill until the end of the term. As you are not paying the capital monthly, so the monthly payments will remain lower than the capital repayment method. You can lend money up to 75% of your property value for maximum 25 years.

For HSBC Mortgage Calculator Visit this link

The process of applying for HSBC mortgage and the necessary documents that needs

In order to apply for the HSBC mortgage you should submit a complete application form to the lender. For this, you need to provide:

  • Your ID.
  • Your current address proof.
  • Your monthly payslips or monthly earning proof.
  • Last three months bank statements.
  • Solicitor’s details.

If your documents are hassle-free and the process runs smoothly, then you may get a mortgage loan within four to six weeks. The lender will check whether you run a good credit history or not. They will also send a surveyor or valuer to make sure about your property prices. If your mortgage application gets approved then you need to pay for booking and valuation fees.

How much you can borrow from the HSBC against your property value?

The lending amount is fixed by the bank authority. To get the estimated loan amount you can go to this link and check how much you can buy from your bank.

Contact for HSBC Mortgage details

You can talk with a mortgage specialist via phone at: 0800 169 6333

Or give text from your phone at: 1800 10800 028 0126