Overview of HSBC Home Insurance – Features & Benefits

HSBC Home Insurance :

Your home is your best and sweet place to live. Everyone may want their own home where they  can do anything that they want. Your own home will not make any obstacle on any activities. It is the place where you can enjoy yourself without having any interfere. So, every one of us want to protect our home as well as all of our home’s equipment. HSBC offers affordable and comfortable insurance for their respectable customers. HSBC Home insurance has come forward to protect your home that is provided by Aviva Insurance Limited. It will enable you to cover up any kind of damages or losses. You can live safely at your home without facing any obstacle.

Features of HSBC Home Insurance :

  • You can pay your interest yearly instead of monthly.
  • The leak tracing service will enable you to trace any leak or damages.
  • You can enjoy a 25 % discount on every home insurance that you made yet.
  • HSBC Home Insurance will help you by covering up 3 types of insurance. These are: building, contents, and building and contents.
  • You can insure unlimited building materials.
  • If there is something old in your home that is already damaged than you can change it with your HSBC Home Insurance (is not available for household and clothes)
  • If any of your household keys is stolen or lost then you can cover up through your HSBC insurance.

To know details about HSBC Insurance you can call them at: 0800 277 377