HSBC Bank – A to Z Information of HSBC


HSBC is one of the world’s largest and famous financial and banking service organizations. It looks after over 60 million customers from more than 80 countries. The interest of HSBC is to trade between Asia, Europe, Americas and Africa. The worldwide connection helps HSBC to give their customers world-class services locally.

History of HSBC Bank

HSBC starts their service with an idea to provide international service to their customers. The bank has started their banking business in 1865. Now it is providing their customer worldwide services. The founder of HSBC is Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited and it was named after their founder. The bank is established to trade between the China and Europe. Since the starting it has spread its business slowly from Asia-Pacific to Americas.


Basic Information of HSBC:

  • Name: Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
  • Established: 1991
  • Industry: Housing, banking and investing
  • Owner: Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
  • Type: International
  • Origin: Hongkong
  • Headquarter: London, England, United Kingdom.
  • Total Assets: $2.693 trillion
  • Serving Areas: More than 85 countries around the Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America.


HSBC Current Accounts

HSBC Current Accounts are divided into some categories. Some of them are for personal purpose, others are for business purposes and some others of them are for study purpose.

The list of HSBC Current Banking Accounts is:

1)    HSBC Bank Account, offers all day to day banking facilities.

2)    HSBC Advance Current Account, will put you one step ahead.

3)    HSBC Student Bank Account, is a full-packed student banking service.

4)    HSBC Premier account, is an account without any premium.

5)    HSBC Graduate Bank Account, is designed to support for two years after the completion of your graduation.

6)    Bank Account (Pay Monthly), is an account with a wide range of services to help you.

7)    Basic Bank Account, is a simple account both for UK resident and the people who are new at UK.

8)    HSBC My Money Account, provide opportunities for the children who aged 7-17 years.

9)    HSBC International Personal Current Account, where you can banking with different currencies.

10)  HSBC Business Banking Account, will support you to improve your business and also support you by a local business specialist.

11)  Private banking, help you to manage your wealth that’s worth more than $2 million.

12)  Expat Bank Account, will help you to bank in foreign countries. This will help you when you decide to stay outside of the UK.


HSBC Saving Accounts

The remarkable benefits of HSBC is that, the bank provides a wide range of benefits through their saving account. You can get instant access to your cash while on the other hand you can get fixed rate interest from the bank. The HSBC saving account is here:

1)    HSBC Regular Saver Saving Account, will allow you to save at a fixed rate.

2)    Cash e-ISA Saving Account, will offer you tax-free online savings.

3)    Online Bonus Saver, will give you bonus interest without withdrawal.

4)    Flexible Saver, will enable you to tackle your rainy day, holiday or wedding.

5)    Variable Rate Cash ISA, will give you an opportunity for tax-free savings.

6)    Fixed Rate Saver, is an option to receive a great interest rate.

7)    HSBC Premier Savings, offer a flexible and straightforward saving option.

8)    Future Saver For Children, helps to save for your child’s future.

9)    My Savings, will help to grow your money.

10)  Money Market, will meet your individual needs.

11)  International Personal Saving Account, is a great saving account to move your money abroad regular basis.


HSBC Credit Cards

HSBC offers exclusive credit cards to their customers who are 18+ and UK resident. There are three kinds of credit cards offered by HSBC. They are: HSBC Credit Card, HSBC Premier Credit Card, and Student Credit Card. All types of cards enable you to manage your money comfortably.


HSBC Mortgage

HSBC mortgage is beside you to buy your own home. The rates of HSBC Mortgage are affordable. The First time buyers get huge discount on various services, while on the other hand, the second time buyers can access more facilities with the existing mortgage products. There are also a great offer for overseas property and Buy to let mortgage options. The HSBC mortgage calculators will help you to find your preferable mortgage home, the limitation of borrowing, how much you can overpay and the repayment calculator. In order to calculate your mortgage facilities you can check this link:


HSBC Loans

HSBC always stress their hands to help you at any cost. If you have dreams or planning, HSBC will let your dream or planning come true and provide financial help form back. HSBC offers four types of loans as their customers needs. These loan services are:

1)    Personal Loan:  With this loan service you can take up to £15,000 for up to 5  years; and over £15,000 for up to 8 years. This type of loans is eligible for up to 18 years UK resident.

2)    HSBC Premier Loan: This loan section is eligible for HSBC premier current accountants.

3)    Graduate Loan: This type of loan can be taken with 5 years of your graduation.

4)    Flexiloan: Will help you to choose your preferred repayment system.


HSBC Investment:

No matter whether you seek advice or invest directly, HSBC offers a wide range of services and products. The “Global Investment Centre” enables you to trade successfully you by researching and helping you by giving advice to funds in the proper place. On the other hand, The “InvestDirect”  option helps you to buy and sell your share comfortably. The Child Trust Fund is an investment option for your child’s future. There are also facilities for the customer to select funds Plan by their own selves.


HSBC Insurance:

According to the customers needs HSBC offers Several Insurance plans to their customers. HSBC Home Insurance, HSBC Life, critical illness and income cover insurance, HSBC Travel Insurance, HSBC Car Insurance, and HSBC Student Insurance. Home insurance is for valuable protection of your home, travel insurance will cover you and your family tour costs, car insurance will cover your right choice at the right price, the life choice insurance will protect you and your loving one from critical illness and the student loans will cover your finance while you are away for your study purpose.


HSBC Planning Tools:

This is an excellent service of HSBC which will help you to plan for your entire life activities. No matter whether you need to plan for the child’s future, or need to deal with bereavement, or plan for marriage, or plan for future living, or protect from any disaster and much more opportunities are waiting for you.


HSBC Contact Information: 

Contact HSBC for your general enquiries, technical support for complainants.

Existing customers can call at: 08547 404 404

Or +44 1226 261 010 (outside of the UK)

If you are a non-HSBC customer then call at: 08456 040 626