Funding plan for companies

Permanence of a company: determining criterion

Ratios are tools that provide accurate data to make a precise calculation that will determine a company’s net worth. Keep in mind, it is always necessary to know some ratios in order to evaluate the financial condition of a business.


The length of time a good is kept in stock until it is commercialization.


It assesses a company’s financial autonomy and its debt to equity ratio.

General liquidity ratio

It measures a company’s repayment capacity using current assets.

Structure ratio

The financial structure ratio compares the balance sheet data and makes it possible to assess financial equilibrium.

Solvency ratio

It measures an enterprise’s ability to meet its debt obligations and is used often by prospective business lenders.

Profitability ratios

Ratio between profit, turnover and capital in order to measure financial and economic profitability.

Do you want to finance a personal project ? At first, you must know there are personal loans and consumer credit available to individuals for any project requiring financing.

Personal loan simulation

A personal loan is interesting if you want to make a large purchase, it is important to assess your ability to repay the loan in relation to your monthly income and expenses.

Perform your personal loan simulation with the online credit simulators

Loan Insurance

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Save the cost of your credit insurance with the borrower's guarantee.

How to reach your financial independence?

The amount of debt must be significantly lower than the expenses for the month. Investing in different investments can also be an effective solution.

Investing by becoming a shareholder

Investing money

Saving on income

Reduce your taxes

Financial investments: what is the best for you ?

The choice of a financial investment is often related to a desire to save for one or more projects. Investments can be more or less flexible, medium or long term. There are therefore different types of investments that can be the best financial investment solutions. You will be able to grow your capital while having the possibility to transmit it.


Invest and become a shareholder in a company. You will then be able to benefit from an advantageous tax system in accordance with the regulations in force while enhancing the value of your initial capital.

Investment in real estate

Whether you want to build up capital, make your savings or prepare for your retirement, real estate investments allow you to control your investment budget while managing your assets.

Reduce your taxes

Tax exemption for capital gains

Capital gains on the sale of real estate or rental properties can be tax-exempt provided that you have invested through a share savings plan.

Investing responsibly

Indeed, you can invest in another form, such as responsible and solidarity investment. You will then be able to give meaning to your savings while making useful and solidarity-based investments. Indeed, solidarity finance integrates sustainable development objectives into its management method. These funds are committed to solidarity investment that does not exclude any sector, while selecting companies that respect extra-financial commitments.

Rental property

The rental of real estate is an investment for those who wish to prepare or even complete their retirement. It is advantageous because the income is tax-exempt.

Preparing for retirement: rule to follow

Life Insurance

Taking out a life insurance policy makes it possible to build up capital while increasing its value.

Retirement Savings Plan (RSP)

This plan allows you to anticipate your retirement by supplementing your income while reducing your taxes.

Investing in SCPI

An SCPI is the real estate investment par excellence that provides long-term income to its partners.